Our Beautiful Days or Our Best Days (Egyptian Arabic: أيامنا الحلوة‎, translit. Ayyamna al-Holwa) is a 1955 Egyptian romance/musical film directed and co-written by the Egyptian film director and writer Helmy Halim. It starred Abdel Halim Hafez, Ahmed Ramzy, Omar Sharif, and Faten Hamama. In 1996, during the Egyptian Cinema centennial, this film was selected one of the best 150 Egyptian film productions.

Our Beautiful Days
Main cast of Our Beautiful Days. From left to right: Ali (Abdel Halim Hafez), Ramzy (Ahmed Ramzy), Hoda (Faten Hamama), and Ahmed (Omar Sharif)
Directed byHelmy Halim
Produced byArab Film (الفلم العربي)
Written byAli El Zorkani
Helmy Halim
StarringFaten Hamama
Omar Sharif
Abdel Halim Hafez
Ahmed Ramzy
Zeinat Sedki
Release date



Faten Hamama plays Hoda, a poor woman who leaves an orphanage to live with three young men (Ahmed, Ali, and Ramzi) in a room on a building rooftop. The three of these men fall in love with her, but she prefers Ahmed, who is played by Omar Sharif, and the others accept that and stay loyal to their friendship. When, one day, Hoda gets sick, the three men urgently work hard to gather enough money to pay for her surgery. The film is not conclusive about what happens to Hoda, but she is supposed to live with her sickness for the rest of her life and can hardly work or get married. What the film shows is the love and fraternity that is created in her friends through her sickness.

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