Awan Patti Urdu: اعوان پٹی‎ (Patti Awanan) is a valley in Muzaffarabad district, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of Muzaffarabad city, on the right bank of the Jhelum River and opposite of Garhi Dupatta.[1] Awan Patti has emerged as the cultural and political hub of LA 29 Muzaffarabad. Until the mid-20th century, the term Awan Patti geographically denoted only the valley along with right side of Batlian Nala. Today, it denotes a larger area that includes the Bandi Hajam, Bandi Jamidaran, Sultanpur, Batlian, Druni, Mohri and Bucha. Awan Patti is strong hold of Awan family in Muzaffarabad District.

Awan Patti (Patti Awanan)

اعوان پٹی
Awan Patti (Patti Awanan) is located in Pakistan
Awan Patti (Patti Awanan)
Awan Patti (Patti Awanan)
Coordinates: 34°15′N 73°40′E / 34.25°N 73.66°E / 34.25; 73.66Coordinates: 34°15′N 73°40′E / 34.25°N 73.66°E / 34.25; 73.66
Autonomous territoryAzad Kashmir
 (2015 Estimated)
 • Total10,500
 • OfficialUrdu
 • NativeHindko
Time zonePST



The old name of Awan Patti was Patti Awan an .[citation needed] History of Awan Patti goes back to the 19th century when family of Panu Khan migrated from Punjab to Kashmir and settled in Awan patti. Suba Khan's family was the second one who settled in Awan Patti.[citation needed]

Sub villages in Awan PattiEdit

Ethnic groupsEdit

Awan family is the majority family of Awan Patti comprises 95% of total Population,[citation needed] second largest family in Awan Patti is syed family. Both Awans and Syeds live together with harmony and peace.
Sub Casts of Awan's in Awan Patti
Panwal Awans
Kotla Awans
Shaqoor Awans
Khanial Awans
Artakhian Awans
All these five groups are sub cost of Qutb Shahi Awan.[4]


Awan Patti(Patti Awanan[5]) has a humid subtropical climate, much cooler than what is found in much of the rest of Muzaffarabad, due to its moderately high elevation and northerly position. The valley is surrounded by the mountains on all sides. Winters are cool, with daytime a January average of 3 °C (36.5 °F), and temperatures below freezing at night.Moderate to heavy snowfall occurs in upper Awan Patti in winter and the only road that connects Upper Awan Patti Villages Harian, Nakkah and Artakha with the rest of Awan Patti may get blocked for a few days due to heavy snow. Summers are warm with a July daytime average of 24.1 °C (75.4 °F).


Historically the economy of these areas now called Awan Patti has been agricultural which meant that land was the main source or mean of production. This means that all food for immediate and long term consumption was produced from land. The produce included various crops, Fruits, Vegetables etc. Modern day Majority of population work in government services and also large number of people work in middle east and UK.


Literacy Rate of Awan Patti is 80% higher than the surrounding valleys.


  • Member Ali Afsar Awan Girls High School Rially Awan patti

Government Boys High School Awan Patti[6]
Government Girls High School Awan Patti[7]
Government Girls Middle School Awan Patti[8]
Government Girls Primary School Kayian Awan Patti[2]
Read Foundation School Kayian Awan Patti
Girls Primary School Khatpura
Boys Primary School Khutpura
Girls Primary School Bandi Siftu
Girls Primary School Babela
BoysPrimary School Kals
Read foundation School Qaid Abad
Girls Primary School Dhara
Boys Primary School Nakkah[9]
Boys Primary School Harian
Read Foundation High School Artakha
Boys Primary School Artakha


Awan Patti has many attractive tourist places, Sokar,[10] Baghsar,Gata Nagri, Nathal are the most visited places in summer.


The culture of Awan Patti is similar with the rest of Muzaffarabad. The natives of Awan Patti speak Urdu and Hindko language.There are dialects of Hindko in Awan patti dla hindko and Nakkah hindko. The traditional dress of the women is the shalwar kameez in Pahari style. The shalwar kameez is commonly worn by both men and women.The traditional drink of Awan patti is black tea.


Fastivals of Awan Patti are same with the rest of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. The only native festival of Awan Patti is Bari Latery. Bari latery is traditional grass cutting festival. The tradition of Bari latery is two hundred years old.In this festival people of Awan Patti all together cut grass on the beats of drums. Every year more than one thousand people from Awan Patti and surrounding areas participate in this cultural activity. Muhammad Salim Akhtar Awan is the organizer of this activity.


Cricket is Popular sports in Awan Patti. There is only cricket ground in Awan Patti Dana Cricket Ground. Dana Cricket Ground is situated at Gata Nagri Awan Patti.Dana ground is very beautiful covered by lush green forest. Every year Tahir Awan Shaheed tournament is held at Dana Ground .

Football(soccer) is also played at Garhi duppatta ground.


Kamran Ahmed Awan Rafaqat Yousaf Awan and Wajid Yaqoob Awan are most popular cricketers from Awan Patti. Kamran Ahmed Awan Rafaqat Yousaf Awan and Wajid Yaqoob Awan are state level players they are recognize as one of the most talented players from Muzaffarabad District


Talha Hussain Awan is most famous footballer from Awan Patti. Talha Hussain Awan is a Canadian Footballer, he plays for CAMBRIDGE UNITED U18.


Awan Patti is well connected by r road with the rest of the Muzaffarabad.[11] It has no direct train link but the nearest railway station is Rawalpindi railway station.New propose railway line from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad will Pass through Khatpura Awan Patti on its way to Srinagar.Ther Garhi Dupatta station will be built in Khat Pura Awan patti. Basic mode of transport in Awan Patti is Taxi and motor bike, after every 15 minutes taxi's goes to Awan Patti from Garhi Dupatta Bazar.

Water supplyEdit

There are five major water supply lines in Awan Patti supplying water to each and every house in Awan Patti.
Dara to Harian water supply line
Pathi Casi to Dhara Water supply line
Dakhan Casi to Qaid Abad water supply line
Battlian Nala to Kayian water supply line
kholian Khatpura water supply line
There is one more water supply line from Awan Patti to Garhi Dupatta that line supply water to Garhi Dupatta town.

Timber mafiaEdit

Protected forest areas of Awan Patti are vulnerable to illegal logging by timber mafias that have coopted or intimidated forestry officials, local politicians, businesses and citizenry. Clear-cutting is sometimes covered-up by conniving officials who report fictitious forest fires.Many studies indicate large losses of forest cover to indiscriminate logging by timber mafias, with over a Hundred of Canals in the environs of Awan Patti being illegally transferred by the forest department directly to mafia. Besides the environmental degradation, public financial losses can be substantial. There are large number of People from Awan Patti working in Forest Department but they are failed to stop this illegal cutting of forest.

Notable personalitiesEdit

  1. Thekedar Faqeer Muhammad Awan (Late); First person from Awan Patti who took part in active politics for the rights of peoples
  1. Nawab Khan Awan (Late)
  1. Engr Muhammad Yousaf Awan (Late); First Chief Engineer of AJK, First ACS of AJK from AJK, Ex-Adviser to PM, Ex-Chairman PSC of AJK
  1. Ali Afsar Khan Awan (Late); Senior Leader of All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference
  1. Haji Professor Muhammad Bashir Awan (Late)
  1. Captn (R) Muhammad Afzal Awan ; Senior Leader All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference
  1. Muhammad Muneer Awan (Late); Senior Vice President PPP AJK, Ex-MLA
  1. Professor Altaf Husaain Awan ; Ex-Secretary AJK Teschers Foundation, Educationist
  1. Dr. Meer Zamman Awan ; DVM Ex-ADIO AJK Animal Husbandary Department
  1. Mubashir Muneer Awan ; Ex-Adviser to PM AJK
  1. Azhar Muneer Awan ; Senior Leader PPP AJK
  1. Dr. Muhammad Hanif Awan ; First MBBS from Awan Patti, Ophthalmologist SKBZ/CMH Muzaffarabad
  1. Sher Zaman Awan ; Ex-Legal Advisor of GoAJK
  1. Abdul Qayyum Awan ; Rx-Controller AJK Printing Press
  1. Muhammad Manzoor Awan (Late); Senior Leader All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference
  1. Eng Rafaqat Hussain Awan Ex-Member AJK Council
  1. Saleem AKhter Awan Retired Assistant Commissioner
  1. Farooq Awan EX Director CDA
  1. Shareef Awan
  1. Engr. Naeem Basheer Awan , M. Sc Geo-Technical Engineering, Lecturer in Engineering University


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