Augustusburg Cable Railway

The Augustusburg Cable Railway[1] (German: Drahtseilbahn Augustusburg) is a funicular railway in Saxony, Germany. It connects the station of Erdmannsdorf-Augustusburg, in the village of Erdmannsdorf and on the Annaberg-Buchholz–Flöha railway, with the town of Augustusburg on the hill above.[2][3]

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The need for a line to connect Augustusburg with its railway station was identified in the 19th century, with the growth of local tourism, but negotiation for granting a franchise took some years. The franchise was finally granted in 1910, and the line was opened in 1911. The line has been overhauled and restored several times, including 1971-73, 1996 and 2005-2006. New cars were provided in 1996. The stations have been kept in their historical condition, and are on the list of national monuments.[2][4]

The line has the following technical parameters:[2][5]

  • Length: 1,239 metres (4,065 ft)
  • Height: 168 metres (551 ft)
  • Maximum Steepness: 20%
  • Cars: 2
  • Capacity: 77 passengers per car
  • Configuration: Single track with passing loop
  • Maximum speed: 3 metres per second (9.8 ft/s)
  • Track gauge: 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
  • Journey time: 8 minutes
  • Traction: Electricity

The line is operated by Deutsche Bahn's subsidiary Erzgebirgsbahn, who also operate the nearby Annaberg-Buchholz–Flöha railway.[2][3]

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