Auerberg is a foothill of the Alps in Allgäu, Bavaria, Germany. It has a better known sibling, Hoher Peißenberg, 22 km air-line distance to the northeast. Attached to the little church building (St. George's) on the summit, there is an observation platform, reachable via a tight staircase in the tower, which offers great views. An impressive experience is also when the church bells ring just next to you.

Auerberg is located in Bavaria
Highest point
Elevation1,055 m (3,461 ft)
Coordinates47°44′11″N 10°44′14″E / 47.73639°N 10.73722°E / 47.73639; 10.73722Coordinates: 47°44′11″N 10°44′14″E / 47.73639°N 10.73722°E / 47.73639; 10.73722
LocationBavaria, Germany