Attrition (website)

Attrition is an information security-related website, updated at least weekly by an all-volunteer staff. Until 21 May 2001,[1] Attrition maintained the largest mirror of defaced (or cracked) websites available on the World Wide Web. The defacement mirror has since ceased updating.[2] The site contains a variety of information, including movie and music reviews, poetry, and security tips covering topics like forensics, data theft, and security advisories.[3]

Republican communications aide Todd Shriber was sacked from his job after he attempted to hire Attrition to crack his former university website.[4]

In 2001, was given a cease and desist order by lawyers of MasterCard for posting parodies of its "Priceless" advertising campaign, which violated copyright law.[5]

Attrition formerly hosted several electronic mailing lists relating to information security, such as InfoSec News. It also maintained the Data Loss Database, which records the data breaches at companies.[6]


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