Asad ibn `Abd al-`Uzza (Arabic: أسد بن عبدالعزىAsad ibn ‘Abd al-‘Uzzá) was a grandson of Qusai ibn Kilab and the matrilineal great-great-grandfather of the prophet of Islam Muhammad.

Note that Asad was of the Banu Quraish. His clan should not be confused with the large Asad tribe, who claimed descent from Asad bin Khuzayma.


He was the son of Abd-al-Uzza ibn Qusai and the father of Umm Habib bint Asad, who was the mother of Barrah bint Abdul Uzza, who was the mother of Aminah bint Wahb, who was the mother of Muhammad.[1]


He was also the father of Khuwaylid ibn Asad, the father of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, the first wife of Muhammad.[2][3] Hence Muhammad and Khadija were, through their descent from Asad, first cousins twice removed.

In that time there was a person who named nafiz.[4]

  • Muhammad son of Aminah bint Wahb daughter of Barrah bint Abdul Uzza daughter of Umm Habib bint Asad daughter of Asad ibn `Abd al-`Uzza
  • Khadijah bint Khuwaylid daughter of Khuwaylid ibn Asad son of Asad ibn `Abd al-`Uzza


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