Arnold Neustadter

Arnold Neustadter (25 August 1910 – 17 April 1996)[1] was an American inventor and businessman. , He invented the Rolodex desktop rotating card file and other office equipment with Danish engineer Hildaur Neilson[2] which has been called "a triumph of low technology"[3] and "a lasting symbol of the art of networking".[4]

Arnold Neustadter
Born25 August 1910
Died17 April 1996
Engineering career

Neustadter's earlier inventions included the Autodex, a spring-operated phone directory that automatically opened to the selected letter, Swivodex, an inkwell that did not spill, Punchodex, a paper hole puncher, and Clipodex, a transcription aid that attached to a stenographer's knee.[5]


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