Antony F. Campbell

Antony F. Campbell SJ (born 1934) is an Old Testament scholar. He was born in New Zealand, and studied at the University of Melbourne, the Faculty of Theology at Lyon-Fourvière, the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and Claremont Graduate School.[1] For forty years, he taught at the United Faculty of Theology in Melbourne.

Campbell has specialised in the Book of Samuel: his works include a study on the ark narrative (The Ark Narrative (1 Sam 4-6; 2 Sam 6): A Form-critical and Traditio-historical Study, 1975), and commentaries on both 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. His 1986 book Of Prophets and Kings: A Late Ninth-Century Document (1 Samuel 1-2 Kings 10) contains the "most comprehensive examination so far" of pre-Deuteronomistic composition in Samuel and Kings.[2]


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