Anthony Richard Birley (born 8 October 1937) is a British ancient historian, archaeologist and academic. He was the Professor of Ancient History at the University of Manchester (1974–1990) and at University of Düsseldorf (1990–2002). He is the son of the archaeologist Eric Birley, who bought the house next to Vindolanda where Anthony and his brother Robin began to excavate the site. They have both taken part in many of the excavations there. He was educated at Clifton College, 1950–1955; Magdalen College, Oxford, 1956–1963 (Classics, Litt. Humaniores): BA, 1st cl. Hons., 1960;

Own writingsEdit

  • Hadrian's Wall an illustrated guide. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) (1963). Full text available at
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  • Septimius Severus: the African Emperor, London: Routledge, (2004)
  • The Roman Government of Britain (2005)
  • Agricola and Germany (2009)

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