Duchess Anna of Prussia

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Duchess Anna of Prussia and Jülich-Cleves-Berg (3 July 1576 – 30 August 1625) was Electress consort of Brandenburg and Duchess consort of Prussia by marriage to John Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg. She was the daughter of Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia, and Marie Eleonore of Cleves.

Anna of Prussia
Electress consort of Brandenburg
Duchess consort of Prussia
Born(1576-07-03)3 July 1576
Königsberg, Duchy of Prussia
Died30 August 1625(1625-08-30) (aged 49)
Berlin, Electorate of Brandenburg
Noble familyHohenzollern
Spouse(s)John Sigismund, Elector of Brandenburg
FatherAlbert Frederick, Duke of Prussia
MotherMarie Eleonore of Cleves
An allegory of the union of the lands united under Brandenburg through the inheritance rights of Anna of Prussia.


Anna was married to John Sigismund on 30 October 1594. Before the marriage, his mother, Catherine of Brandenburg-Küstrin, pointed out that Anna was not beautiful, but the marriage was arranged in order to secure the incorporation of the Duchy of Prussia into the Electorate of Brandenburg through Anna, whose father had no surviving male heirs. This was a political match of exceptional importance, since Anna was not only heir to Prussia, but also the expected heir of Cleves, Jülich and Berg, as well as Mark and Ravensberg.

Anna was described as intellectually superior to her spouse, temperamental and strong-willed. She is reported to have thrown plates and glasses at her spouse during arguments. She fought on her own to secure her succession rights to various fiefs and handled negotiations with her competitors. In 1612, she placed her demands before the Emperor. After the conversion of her spouse to Calvinism, Anna became the protector and spokesperson of the Lutherans. She continued to play an important role during the reign of her son. She opposed the Habsburgs and secured the marriage of her daughter Maria Eleonora to King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden against her son's will in 1620.



Duchess Anna of Prussia
Born: 3 July 1576 Died: 30 August 1625
German nobility
Title last held by
Eleanor of Prussia
Electress consort of Brandenburg
18 July 1608 – 23 December 1619
Succeeded by
Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate
Title last held by
Marie Eleonore of Cleves
Duchess consort of Prussia
28 August 1618 – 23 December 1619