Animal Behavior (film)

Animal Behavior is a 1989 comedy film directed by Jenny Bowen and Kjehl Rasmussen and starring Karen Allen, Armand Assante, and Holly Hunter.[1]

Animal Behavior
Animal behavior poster.jpg
Directed byJenny Bowen
Kjehl Rasmussen
Written bySusan Rice
Music byCliff Eidelman
Release date
October 29, 1989
Running time
88 minutes
CountryUnited States


The beautiful biologist Alex Brisco develops a new method to communicate with chimpanzees: instead of machines she uses a simple sign language. Her research and competition with ignorant colleagues lets her overlook the amorous approaches of cellist Mark. She accepts his help, but no more, because she believes he is married.[2]



Animal Behavior was the final film for Alexa Kenin who played Sheila Sandusky, released posthumously; her scenes were filmed in 1984 when the project was started by Jenny Bowen. Filming was intermittent for the next four years until it was completed by producer Kjehl Rasmussen. As a result, the director's name was credited with the pseudonym H. Anne Riley.[3]


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