Angel chimes

Angel chimes, also known as angel-abra, are a form of Christmas decoration popular in Europe and North America.[1] They apparently have the same origins as the Christmas pyramid, which functions on the same principle. They differ from these, primarily, in being mass-produced from metal and having bell-ringing angels, whereas Christmas pyramids are usually crafted from wood and do not necessarily have bells.

Angel chimes

In 2007, a rare 1920s metal Christmas angel chime tree topper was auctioned online through eBay.[2] Its box was labeled "electric chimes".

classic angel chimes


Angel chimes have candle holders at the base which provide heat which turns a turbine at the top, which powers a series of trumpet-holding angel figures which "fly" around in a circle, striking bells beneath them. They usually have other decorative motifs, such as the Star of Bethlehem or a creche.


The form patented in 1905.

The angel chimes tradition in the United States started about 100 years ago[3] when immigrant families brought German angel chimes. The earliest known patent for an angel chime was filed by Walter Stock of the German toy firm Adrian & Stock.[4] The pre-World War II German-made chimes were usually made of tin and featured lithography.

In SwedenEdit

Christmas angel chimes are popularly known as "änglaspel" (angel carillon) in Sweden.[5] After World War II, Swedish-made chimes became popular in both Europe and North America. These brought a simpler aesthetic in brass.

In DenmarkEdit

They are known as "Engle Spil" (Angel Bells) in Denmark.

In AsiaEdit

More recently, angel chimes manufactured in China has come to dominate the export market. The design now includes spinning candles.

United StatesEdit

Angel Chimes USA (ACUSA) distributes The Original Angel Chimes which is manufactured by their manufacturer in Turkey, Aras Metals. ACUSA and Aras metals purchased the Original Molds from the family who first created them in Sweden in 1948.[6]

In popular cultureEdit

There are a number of songs written about angel chimes, which include Angel's song, the Christmas Chimes. The sheet music has been compiled at the performing arts encyclopedia[7] of the United States Library of Congress up to the present day.

Nina Raine uses Angel Chimes in her play, Rabbit.[citation needed]

Angel Chime Reflection, A poem about Angel Chime Memories

Yesterday arrived without limits, I paused and heard a soft bell, chiming. I followed the sound, and saw shadows & light, glowing, flickering, wandering light. A carousel of wonder, not fiction. An Epic Pause, without a notion of being elsewhere. And then I noticed, we were all standing here, together, Now. (C.J.F.)