Andrea Bogdani (Albanian: Ndre Bogdani; ca. 1600–1683) was an Ottoman scholar of Albanian origin and prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.

Andrea Bogdani
Bornca. 1600
Gur in Hasit, Ottoman Empire (modern-day Kosovo)[1]
OccupationCatholic priest

Andrea Bogdani was born in the beginning of the 17th century Gur i Hasit near Prizren, Ottoman Empire (modern-day Kosovo). Bogdani was educated by Jesuits at the Illyrian College in Loreto.[2]

After he completed his education in Loreto he became a parish in Pristina.[3] From 1656 to 1677, when he resigned he served as Archbishop of Skopje, while from 1675 to 1677 he also served as apostolic administrator of Achrida.[4] On 8 November 1677 Bogdani resigned because of illness.[5] His nephew Pjetër Bogdani, one of the best-known writers of early Albanian literature succeeded him as Archbishop of Skopje in 1677. Andrea Bogdani has become known for writing the first Latin-Albanian grammar book.[6]

Serbian historian Samardžić criticized Bogdani's works as forgery and revisionism of the Serbian medieval history.[7] Bogdani distinguished himself as great enemy of Serbs.[8] He considered Orthodox Christians as enemies of Catholics.[9]

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