In Islamic tradition, an-Nadhr (النضر) was the ancestor of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

an-Nadr ibn Kinana
Known forAncestor of the Quraysh tribe and the Islamic prophet Muhammad
ChildrenMalik ibn an-Nadr
Parent(s)Kinanah ibn Khuzayma
Barra d. Murr



The tradition holds that "Muhammad was the son of 'Abdullah, b. 'Abdu'I-Muttalib (whose name was Shayba), b. Hashim (whose name was 'Amr), b. 'Abd Manaf (whose name was al-Mughira), b. Qusay (whose name was Zayd), b. Kilab, b. Murra, b. Ka'b, b. Lu'ay, b. Ghalib, b. Fihr, b. Malik, b. aI-Nadr, b. Kinana, b. Khuzayma, b. Mudrika (whose name was 'Amir), b. Ilyas, b. Mudar, b. Nizar, b. Ma'add, b. Adnan, b. Udd (or Udad),.... b. Ya'rub, b. Yashjub, b. Nabit, b. Isma'il b. Ibrahim, al-Khalil of the Compassionate."


His father Kinana had four sons: al-Nadr, Malik, 'Abdu Manat, and Milkan. Nadr's mother was Barra d. Murr b. Udd b. Tabikha b. al-Yas b. Mudar; the other sons were by another woman.


It is also said that Quraysh tribe got their name from their gathering Nadr to his brothers after they had been separated, for gathering together may be expressed by taqarrush.[1]


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