Amhara Governorate

Amhara Governorate was one of the six governorates of Italian East Africa. Its capital was Gondar. It was formed in 1936 from parts of the conquered Ethiopian Empire following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. It had a population of more than 2 million inhabitants (In 1940 11,200 were Italians settlers, mostly in the capital Gondar). In November 1938 some territory of Amhara in the Scioa region was given to the neighboring Addis Abeba Governorate, enlarging it to the Scioa Governorate.

Amhara Governorate
Governatorato di Amara
Governorate of Italian East Africa
Coat of Arms of Amhara Governorate
Coat of Arms
Italian East Africa (1938–1941).svg
Amhara (blue) within Italian East Africa
ca. 2,000,000
• 1936-1937
Alessandro Pirzio Biroli
• 1937-1939
Ottorino Mezzetti [it]
• 1937-1941
Luigi Frusci
• 1941
Guglielmo Nasi
Historical eraInterwar period
World War II
• Created
1 June 1936
27 November 1941
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ethiopian Empire
Ethiopian Empire

It was crossed from north to south by the newly created Strada Imperiale, that in 1937 united Asmara with Gondar and Addis Abeba (and later was to reach Mogadishu).[verification needed]

During World War II was the last stronghold maintained by the Italians in their East Africa colonies: Gondar was conquered by the British only in November 1941.


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