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American Nature Association, headquartered in Washington, D.C., was the publisher of Nature Magazine from 1923 to 1959;[1][2] and a discount reseller of natural science books for its members.[3] It was founded by Arthur Newton Pack and his father, Charles.[4] Nature Magazine was an "illustrated monthly with popular articles about nature"[5] and later, the "interpreter of the great outdoors."[6] A May 1924 review of the organization and its magazine, written by Carroll Lane Fenton and published in American Midland Naturalist called the magazine "excellent" with "abundant pictures, admirably printed"; and said it was a "highly worth while publication" that deserves a wide circulation among town and school libraries."[3]

Nature Magazine
CategoriesNatural history
Based inBaltimore, Maryland
OCLC number1681047

Natural History magazine absorbed Nature Magazine in January 1960.[7]


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