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Amegy Bank of Texas (previously known as Southwest Bank of Texas), a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation (NASDAQ: ZION), is a leading Texas bank with $13 billion in assets and about 1,600 employees. With more than 75 locations across Houston, Dallas - Fort Worth, and Central Texas, Amegy is dedicated to serving Texas communities, families and businesses. Founded in 1990, Amegy has a strong tradition of relationship banking, local decision making and financial expertise.

Amegy Bank of Texas
Founded1990 (1990)
HeadquartersHouston, Texas
Key people
Steve D. Stephens (CEO)
Laif Afseth (President)
ProductsFinancial Services
OwnerZions Bancorporation
Number of employees


The Northwest Crossing National Bank was founded in 1989.[1] Walter Johnson joined the company in February 1990. While he was the head of the company, its name changed to the Southwest Bank of Texas. Its second capital offering occurred in December 1992. Its first public offering occurred in January 1997.[2]

On the afternoon of Tuesday January 25, 2005, the Southwest Bank of Texas announced that it would change its name to Amegy Bank of Texas. The name change took effect on March 7 of that year. Southwest Bancorporation of Texas Inc., the parent company, was scheduled to change its name in May of that year, pending approval from the company shareholders. The NASDAQ symbol for the company was changed from SWBT to ANBK.[3]

In July 2005 Zions Bancorporation announced that it would buy Amegy Bancorp for $1.7 billion in cash and stock.[4]

In 2007 Amegy Bank signed a definitive merger/purchase agreement with InterContinental National Bank of San Antonio.[5]


Amegy Tower, the bank's current headquarters, is located at 1717 West Loop South in the Galleria area of in Houston, Texas. It was formerly headquartered in the Five Post Oak Park building in the Post Oak Park business park in Houston, Texas.[6][7] Five Post Oak Park, originally developed by The Winter Company, was completed in 1982. It is located in the Post Oak Park business park.[7]

Amegy Bank first moved to the Uptown area in 1990. Prior to 1996, Amegy Bank had its headquarters in the three story, 57,000 square feet (5,300 m2) ICA Center, which is across the street from Five Post Oak Park. Amegy Bank leased almost all of the space in the building, which was owned by the Insurance Corporation of North America. The bank had a three lane drive in facility at the ICA Center.[1]

For a two-year period ending in 1996, Amegy searched for a location for its new headquarters. In 1996 Amegy decided to switch places with Heritage Bank, which leased in Five Post Oak Park. By July 1996 the two banks signed lease agreements with their new landlords. After Amegy moved to Five Post Oak Park, it initially received 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2) of space while it had an option for more space. In addition the move allowed Amegy increased signage space and it allowed both banks to retain their offices in the vicinity of Uptown. The bank initially leased five floors and placed signs on both sides of the building and on the ground level. The bank also gained a five lane drive through facility.[1]


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