Ameenpeer Dargah is a Sufi shrine located in the Kadapa City in Andhra Pradesh, India.[1] It is one of best known Sufi pilgrimage sites in India.

Ameen Peer Dargah
  • امین پیر درگاہ
  • అమీన్ పీర్ దర్గా - పెద్ద దర్గా
OwnershipHazrath Khwaja Sayed Shah Arifullah Muhammad Muhammad Al Hussaini Chisti Al Quadri, 11th Sajjad e Nasheen,Aastane Maqdoomullahi,(Ameen Peer Dargah,Moula ka Pahad, Kalicherla & nandalur (A.P.)
LocationKadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India
Geographic coordinates14°29′06″N 78°49′27″E / 14.485023°N 78.824265°E / 14.485023; 78.824265Coordinates: 14°29′06″N 78°49′27″E / 14.485023°N 78.824265°E / 14.485023; 78.824265
StyleIslamic architecture
Date established1683

This Dargah or Asthana (shrine) is also called Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi (آستانہ مخدوم الہی). It is located in Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi Dargah complex, locally known as Badi Dargah, Pedda Dargah (Telugu) in Kadapa (Cuddapah) city. It is known for its preaching of communal harmony.[1] It is claimed folk that the saints of the shrine are the descendants of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.[2]


History of Ameen Peer DargahEdit

The masjid is believed to be constructed in 1683. It was originally a grave place for the two Sufi saints Perullah Hussaini and Arufulla Hussaini II. The then Nawab of Sidhout Taluk, Nawab Nek nam Khan changed the name of this place to Neknamabaad on the advice of Perullah Hussaini. Neknamabaad eventually became Kadapa.



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