Alzey station

Alzey station is, along with the stations Alzey Süd and Alzey West, one of three stations in the urban area of the Rhenish Hesse (German: Rheinhessen) town of Alzey in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.[2]

Deutsche Bahn
Through station
Alzeyer Bahnhof- von Bahnhofstraße aus 22.7.2009.jpg
LocationBahnhofstr. 30, Alzey, Rhineland-Palatinate
Coordinates49°45′00″N 8°06′36″E / 49.750091°N 8.109894°E / 49.750091; 8.109894Coordinates: 49°45′00″N 8°06′36″E / 49.750091°N 8.109894°E / 49.750091; 8.109894
Other information
Station code1572
DS100 codeFALZ[1]
Opened1871; 149 years ago (1871)
Preceding station   DB Regio   Following station
TerminusRE 13
toward Mainz Hbf
TerminusRB 31
Alzey–Mainz railway
toward Mainz Hbf
toward Worms Hbf
RB 35
toward Bingen Stadt
Alzey is located in Rhineland-Palatinate
Location within Rhineland-Palatinate


The station was built in 1871 during the construction of the Alzey–Mainz railway and the Rheinhessen Railway by the Hessian Ludwig Railway (Hessische Ludwigsbahn, HLB). Three years later, the Donnersberg Railway was opened to Kirchheimbolanden. Most recently, the Bodenheim–Alzey railway [de] was officially opened on 28 September 1896, but it was closed after almost 100 years.

The station building and the nearby freight yard were built from Flonheim sandstone. The station, as restored in the 1920s, had a waiting room for first and second class passengers and another for the third and fourth class.[4] At noon on 19 October 1944, the station building was destroyed by an air raid. Until the late 1950s, a shed was used as a substitute before the new building was opened in 1960.[5] Until then, passengers were allowed through the ticket gate only with a valid ticket or visitors with a platform ticket.


Because of Alzey station’s location in the middle of Rhenish Hesse, it is connected to three operating lines:

  • the Alzey-Mainz railway line runs from the northeast to Alzey station. Regionalbahn services run hourly from Mainz to Alzey and vice versa. The service is complemented by hourly Regional-Express trains. Thus, there is a half-hourly service from Alzey to Mainz, and vice versa.
  • the Rheinhessenbahn service runs over the whole of the Rheinhessen Railway from Worms to Bingen (Rhein) Stadt station in the northwest of Rhenish Hesse. There is an hourly service in both directions. It always provides connections with regional trains at Alzey station.
  • Partially reactivated in 1999, the Donnersberg Railway provides a connection from Alzey to the Palatinate. This also has hourly Regionalbahn services.
  • Alzey is also served in the summer season from May until September by the Elsass-Express (Alsace-Express), which gives a direct connection to Wissembourg in France. It runs initially on the Rheinhessen Railway.
  • Until the mid-1980s, Alzey station was also the beginning and the end of the Bodenheim–Alzey railway (known as the Amiche line).

The following is an overview of services at Alzey station:

Line Route Frequency
RE AlzeyMonsheimGrünstadtNeustadt (Weinstr) HbfWissembourg Individual services (seasonal)
RE 13 AlzeyWörrstadtNieder-OlmMainz Hbf Hourly
RB 31 AlzeyArmsheim – Wörrstadt – Nieder-Olm – Mainz-Gonsenheim – Mainz Hbf Hourly
RB 35 Worms HbfFlörsheim-DalsheimAlzey – Armsheim – Gau-Bickelheim – Gensingen-HorrweilerBingen (Rhein) Stadt Hourly


Entrance buildingEdit

The entrance building is to the east of platforms 1 to 5. Located in the entrance building are the DB travel centre, a car rental and transportation service and a restaurant, which also operates a kiosk facing platform 1.

Passenger stationEdit

Regionalbahn service with DB Class 628 set in Alzey station running to Mainz Hbf

Alzey station has three platforms with a total of five platform tracks. Track 1 is the “home” platform.[6]

Tracks 1 and 2 are used here for services to Mainz, Worms and Bingen. Services on the Donnersberg Railway to Kirchheimbolanden usually run from track 3. Tracks 4 and 5 are largely overgrown and are disused. The island platforms (tracks 2–5) can only be reached through a pedestrian underpass. The three platforms in use have a length of 171 metres.[7]

Platform tracks 1 to 3 have barrier-free access for the disabled. There is no lift for tracks 4 and 5.

Freight yardEdit

Alzey freight yard is south of Alzey station, but it was shut down decades ago. The buildings are now sold or rented and the open spaces of the freight yard are used for the bus station and a supermarket.


Also to the south was a locomotive depot (Bw Alzey), which was built in 1904, with a 4-stall engine shed, a roundhouse with a turntable and other smaller industrial buildings. The depot lost its independence in 1952 and became a branch of the Worms depot. In subsequent years, the depot was closed down gradually. The turntable has long-since been removed and the engine shed is rented to a bus company. Although the roundhouse is a listed building, it is unused and in danger of collapse.

Connections to public transportEdit

Alzey bus station near Alzey station

South of the entrance building of Alzey station is a bus station where numerous buses of two Deutsche Bahn-owned bus companies, Omnibusverkehr Rhein-Nahe (ORN) and Busverkehr Rhein-Neckar (BRN), call: ORN routes 424, 425, 426, 428, 441, 442, 444, 446 and 660 and BRN routes 427 and 435 run from Alzey to the Rhenish Hesse region. In addition, ORN operates routes 421 and 422 as the so-called “city bus lines”, which run through Alzey town.

Near the entrance building there are plenty of parking spaces. There is also a taxi stand nearby.


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