Alton Museum of History and Art

The Alton Museum of History and Art, sometimes known as the Robert Wadlow Museum, in Alton, Illinois was founded in 1971 as a not for profit organization. It is located in Loomis Hall, named for Rev. Hubbel Loomis, on the grounds of the former Rock Spring Alton Baptist Seminary established by missionary John Mason Peck, later renamed Shurtleff college, and presently the home of the Southern IL University School of Dental Medicine. The building was constructed as the original chapel/classroom of the seminary c.1820 and the sanctuary was modified in the early 1900s to be a two-story building with a rear classroom and laboratory addition. The building is one of the oldest structures still being used for educational purposes in the state.

Loomis Hall in 2012

Although most known for its collection related to Robert Wadlow (the Alton Giant), it also has exhibits on Lewis & Clark, the Alton Confederate Prison and the Lincoln–Douglas debates. It serves to help preserve the history and heritage of its community; it continues to demonstrate the artistic interests and achievement of its residents.[1] It is a public museum which relies on memberships, bequests, gifts, and foundation gifts.


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