Time in Kazakhstan

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Standard time in Kazakhstan is either UTC+05:00 or UTC+06:00. These times apply throughout the year as Kazakhstan does not observe Daylight saving time.

IANA time zone databaseEdit

The tz database identifies seven zones for Kazakhstan. Data in columns marked * are from the file zone.tab of the database.

coordinates* tzid* comments* UTC offset
+4315+07657 Asia/Almaty most areas rUTC+06:00
+4448+06528 Asia/Qyzylorda Qyzylorda (Kyzylorda, Kzyl-Orda) rUTC+05:00
+5312+06337 Asia/Qostanay Qostanay/Kostanay/Kustanay qUTC+06:00
+5017+05710 Asia/Aqtobe Aqtobe (Aktobe) qUTC+05:00
+4431+05016 Asia/Aqtau Mangghystau (Mankistau) qUTC+05:00
+4707+05156 Asia/Atyrau Atyrau (Atirau, Gur'yev) qUTC+05:00
+5113+05121 Asia/Oral West Kazakhstan qUTC+05:00

According to an email on the tz mailing list, Kostanay Region could be part of Asia/Qyzylorda [1].

On 21 December 2018, Kyzylorda Region changed time zone from UTC+06:00 to UTC+05:00 by moving their clocks back 1 hour at 12:00am local time to save electricity and improve the public’s health.

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