Alioth (Debian)

Alioth was a FusionForge system run by the Debian project for development of free software and free documentation, especially software or documentation to do with Debian.[1]

Most of the projects hosted by Alioth were packaging existing software in the Debian format. However, there were some notable non-Debian projects hosted, like SANE project.[2]


Alioth had been announced in March 2003.[3] Originally Alioth was to be hosted on the SourceForge code base; the Free Software version of GForge was chosen later as it avoided the need to duplicate effort spent on rebranding SourceForge.[4] Since 2009, Alioth has been running a GForge descendant called FusionForge.

In 2018, Alioth has been replaced by a GitLab based solution hosted on Alioth has been finally switched off in June 2018.[5]

Alioth administrators have included Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas.[6]


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