Ali Baig

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Ali Baig (علی بیگ) is a village in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, situated around the Upper Jhelum canal in district Bhimber. It is the seventh-largest village of Azad Kashmir with a population of almost five thousand people. Most of the people are educated in the village.

Ali Baig

علی بیگ
Ali Baig is located in Azad Kashmir
Ali Baig
Ali Baig
Coordinates: 33°00′43″N 73°51′59″E / 33.0119°N 73.8665°E / 33.0119; 73.8665Coordinates: 33°00′43″N 73°51′59″E / 33.0119°N 73.8665°E / 33.0119; 73.8665
TerritoryAzad Kashmir
DistrictBhimber District
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Ali Baig Azad Kashmir
Jaimia Masjid Milad Un Nabi Ali Baig Arain

People in the village grow wheat, maize, barley, pulses, sugarcane and other vegetables.

Alibaig has several private schools. The native languages are Pahari and Punjabi.


The Old name of the village is Kittan Ghar (کیتن گھڑ). There was a middle school in Ali Biag called Khalsa Middle School (خالصہ مڈل سکول), and students from Dina, Jhelum, Kotla, Chachiya etc. came to seek knowledge. The importance of this village is "Ali Baig Gurdwara". Mostly Arain Families are populated in Ali Baig Village.

The Arain (Urdu: آرائیں) is a Muslim tribe of Pakistan who is found mainly in the Punjab province and also that of Sindh. They are chiefly associated with farming, with many being "peasant-proprietors" and some being zamindars (landlords).

Notable Personalities of Ali Baig Village:

  1. Professor Riaz Akhtar (Formar Principal Education College Afazalpur,Mirpur AJK)
  2. Prof.Dr.Shafiq Anjum (Professor of Urdu,NUML Islamabad)
  3. Sep.Muhammad Yaqoob Shaheed (Martyred in 1999 Karghal Sector)
  4. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Mehar (Retired) Superintendent of Azad Kashmir
  5. Sub. (Retired) Raj Muhammad (Historian appeared on several TV shows.He is also featured in the book "The Quest Continues: Lost Heritage : the Sikh Legacy in Pakistan".


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