Alexander L. Rosenberg

Alexander Lvovich Rosenberg (Russian: Александр Львович Розенберг, 1946–2012)[2] was a Russian-American mathematician who worked on functional analysis, representation theory and noncommutative algebraic geometry.[3] He graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1973, left the Soviet Union around 1987, and was a professor at Kansas State University until 2012.

Alexander L. Rosenberg
Alma materLomonosov Moscow State University (Ph.D., 1973)
Known forNoncommutative algebraic geometry,
Gabriel-Rosenberg reconstruction theorem
Scientific career
InstitutionsKansas State University
Doctoral advisorYuri Manin[1]

He is known for his contributions to Tannaka duality and noncommutative algebraic geometry. He introduced several notions of spectrum for an abelian category (Rosenberg's spectrum), and the related Gabriel-Rosenberg reconstruction theorem bears his name.[4]


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