Aleksandropolsky Uyezd

The Aleksandropolsky Uyezd (Russian: Александропольский уезд; Armenian: Ալեքսանդրապոլի գավառ) was a county of the Erivan Governorate of the Caucasus Viceroyalty of the Russian Empire. It bordered the governorate's Echmiadzinsky and Novobayazetsky Uyezds to the south, the Borchalinsky Uyezd of the Tiflis Governorate to the north and east, the Kazakhsky Uyezd of the Elisabethpol Governorate to the southeast, and the Kars Oblast to the west. It included most of the Shirak Province and southern parts of the Lori Province of present-day northern Armenia. Its administrative center was Aleksandropol (Gyumri).[1]

Aleksandropolsky Uyezd

Александропольский уезд

  • Александропольский уезд (Modern Russian)
Location of Aleksandropolsky Uyezd
Political statusUyezd
 • Total4,278 km2 (1,652 sq mi)
 • Total165,503
 • Density39/km2 (100/sq mi)


According to the 1897 Russian Empire Census, the population of the district was 165,503, the overwhelming majority of which were Armenians (85.5%). Minorities included Tatars (modern Azerbaijanis; 4.7%), East Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians; 4%), Kurds (3%), Greeks (0.6%), and Poles (0.5%).[2] The largest city in the district was Aleksandropol, which had a total population of 30,616, of which 21,771 (71%) were Armenians, 5,157 (16.8%) East Slavs, 1,090 (3.5%) Tatars, 921 (3%) Poles, 415 (1%) Jews, 316 (1%) Lithuanians, and 266 (0.8%) Greeks.[3]


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