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Albany Medical Center is the name of the umbrella organization over the Albany Medical Center Hospital and Albany Medical College in Albany, New York. Though the name Albany Medical Center referring to the two institutions on their shared campus has been used for over a century, the two institutions were fiercely independent until the formation of the formal Albany Medical Center in 1982.[1] AMC awards the Albany Medical Center Prize, the second-highest value prize in medicine and biomedical research in the United States, annually.[2]

Albany Medical Center Hospital
Albany Medical Center main entrance
Albany Medical Center main entrance
Location43 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY, United States
FundingNon-profit hospital
Hospital typeTeaching
Affiliated universityAlbany Medical College
Emergency departmentRegional Trauma Center
HelipadIATA: NK64
ListsHospitals in the United States



In 1839, Dr. Alden March and Dr. James H. Armsby founded Albany Medical College in the former Lancaster School at the corner of Lancaster and Eagle Streets in the City of Albany. Albany Hospital was incorporated in 1849 and established two years later on the southwest corner of Dove Street and Lydius Street (now Madison Avenue). Physicians who taught in the medical school saw patients in the hospital, and students transitioned from lecture halls in the medical school to “shadowing” assignments on the floors of the hospital.[3] The hospital, alongside the Albany Medical College, established a radio station that took on the call letters WAMC in 1958; the college/hospital no longer owns the radio station, and is a member station of NPR.[4]

New York State Department of Health designationsEdit

  • Regional Trauma Center[5]
  • Stroke Center[5]
  • Regional Perinatal Center[5]
  • AIDS Center[5]


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