The Albanian First Division is the second level of professional football in Albania, behind the Albanian Superliga and above the Albanian Second Division.[1]

Albanian First Division
Logo of the Albanian First Division
CountryAlbania Albania
Number of teams20
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toAlbanian Superliga
Relegation toAlbanian Second Division
Domestic cup(s)Albanian Cup
Current championsTirana (1st title)
Most championshipsLuftëtari (9 titles)
2018–19 Albanian First Division



The Albanian First Division was founded in 1930. It is made up of 2 groups, each containing 10 teams. The group winners gain promotion to the Albanian Superliga and play a final against each other, while the teams that finish in the last place get relegated to the Albanian Second Division. The 9th ranked teams, qualify to the play-off round.

2018–19 member clubsEdit

All-time champions, second placed and leading goalscorersEdit

[citation needed]

Year Champions Runners-up Leading goalscorer (Club) Goals
1930 Tomori Besëlidhja N/A N/A
1931 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1932 Besa Flamurtari N/A N/A
1933 Elbasani Flamurtari N/A N/A
1934 Luftëtari Himara N/A N/A
1935 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1936 Besëlidhja Përmeti N/A N/A
1935–48 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1948–49 (annulled) N/A N/A N/A
1950 Tomori Erzeni N/A N/A
1951 Dinamo Vlorë Erzeni N/A N/A
1952 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1953 Spartaku KF Elbasani N/A N/A
1954 Dinamo Shkodër Luftëtari N/A N/A
1955 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1956 Spartaku Apolonia N/A N/A
1957 Vllaznia Tomori N/A N/A
1958 Elbasani Tomori N/A N/A
1959 Teuta Erzeni N/A N/A
1960 Lushnja Luftëtari N/A N/A
1961 Teuta Korabi N/A N/A
1962 Vllaznia Tomori N/A N/A
1962–63 Luftëtari Erzeni N/A N/A
1963–64 Pogradeci Naftëtari N/A N/A
1964–65 Erzeni Naftëtari N/A N/A
1965–66 Luftëtari Albpetrol N/A N/A
1966–67 Apolonia Tekstilisti Stalin N/A N/A
1968 Tekstilisti Stalin Naftëtari N/A N/A
1969 (not held) N/A N/A N/A
1969–70 Tomori Besëlidhja N/A N/A
1970–71 Shkëndija Tiranë Studenti N/A N/A
1971–72 Apolonia Besëlidhja N/A N/A
1972–73 Naftëtari Kamza N/A N/A
1973–74 Albpetrol Apolonia N/A N/A
1974–75 Luftëtari Kamza N/A N/A
1975–76 Skënderbeu Tomori N/A N/A
1976–77 Tomori Besëlidhja N/A N/A
1977–78 Besa Naftëtari N/A N/A
1978–79 Apolonia Skënderbeu N/A N/A
1979–80 Besëlidhja Lushnja N/A N/A
1980–81 Burreli KF Përmeti N/A N/A
1981–82 Lushnja Skënderbeu N/A N/A
1982–83 Burreli SK Tepelena N/A N/A
1983–84 Besëlidhja Apolonia N/A N/A
1984–85 Apolonia Shkëndija Tiranë N/A N/A
1985–86 Besa Skënderbeu N/A N/A
1986–87 Besëlidhja KS Burreli N/A N/A
1987–88 Lushnja Naftëtari N/A N/A
1988–89 Luftëtari Tomori N/A N/A
1989–90 Lushnja Kastrioti N/A N/A
1990–91 Pogradeci Selenicë N/A N/A
1991–92 Sopoti Albpetrol N/A N/A
1992–93 Besëlidhja Shkumbini N/A N/A
1993–94 Luftëtari Iliria N/A N/A
1994–95 Kastrioti Skënderbeu N/A N/A
1995–96 Lushnja Bylis N/A N/A
1996–97 (Interrupted) N/A N/A N/A
1997–98 Burreli Memaliaj N/A N/A
1998–99 Luftëtari Albpetrol N/A N/A
1999–00 Besëlidhja Besa N/A N/A
2000–01 Partizani Erzeni N/A N/A
2001–02 Elbasani Besa N/A N/A
2002–03 Egnatia Tomori N/A N/A
2003–04 Laçi Egnatia N/A N/A
2004–05 Besa Skënderbeu N/A N/A
2005–06 Flamurtari Apolonia N/A N/A
2006–07 Skënderbeu Besëlidhja N/A N/A
2007–08 Bylis Apolonia N/A N/A
2008–09 Laçi Skënderbeu N/A N/A
2009–10 Bylis Elbasani N/A N/A
2010–11 Pogradeci Tomori Ilirjan Çaushaj (Tomori) 19
2011–12 Luftëtari FK Kukësi Kreshnik Ivanaj (Kukësi & Burreli) 27
2012–13 Lushnja Partizani Mikel Canka (Lushnja) 21
2013–14 Elbasani Apolonia Mustafa Agastra (Tërbuni) 21
2014–15 Bylis Tërbuni Cate Fonseca (Adriatiku)
Jasmin Raboshta (Butrinti)
2015–16 Luftëtari Korabi Mikel Canka(Lushnja) 20
2016–17 Kamza Lushnja Armand Pasha (KF Erzeni) 20
2017–18 Tirana Kastrioti Albi Çekiçi (Pogradeci) 17


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