Al-Abwā'[1] (Arabic: ٱلْأَبْوَاء‎) is a Hejazi village between Mecca and Medina belonging to the area of Rabigh, on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. Muhammad entered it before the Battle of Badr, in 2 Safar AH.[clarification needed]


ٱلْأَبْوَاء (in Arabic)
Al-Abwa' is located in Saudi Arabia
Location of Al-Abwa'
Al-Abwa' is located in Asia
Al-Abwa' (Asia)
Coordinates: Coordinates: 23°06′33″N 39°05′40″E / 23.10926°N 39.09433°E / 23.10926; 39.09433
Country Saudi Arabia
 • Provincial GovernorKhalid bin Faisal Al Saud
Time zoneUTC+3 (AST)


Significance in Islamic historyEdit

Military campaigns of MuhammadEdit

The fourth caravan raid that Muhammad ordered, known as the invasion of Waddan, was the first offensive in which Muhammad took part personally with 70 troops, mostly Muhajirun.[5]

It is said that twelve months after moving to Medina, Muhammad himself led a caravan raid to Waddan (Al-Abwā). The aim was to intercept the caravans of the Quraysh. The raid party did not meet any Quraysh during the raid.[6][7] However, the caravan of the Banu Damrah was raided. Negotiations began and the two leaders signed a treaty of non-aggression. Banu Damrah pledged not to attack Muslims or side with the Quraysh; and Muhammad pledged not to attack, or seize the goods of, the caravans of the Banu Damrah.[5][6]

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