Aigo (stylized as aigo) is the trade name of Chinese consumer electronics company Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd.[1][a] It is headquartered in the Ideal Plaza (理想国际大厦; 理想國際大廈; Lǐxiǎng Guójì Dàshà) in Haidian District, Beijing.[2]

Native name
IndustryConsumer electronics
Founded1993; 27 years ago (1993)
FounderFeng Jun (冯军)
Area served
Key people
Feng Jun (President)
  • Mobile Internet devices
  • digital storage
    (USB keys & hard drives)
  • portable media players
  • cell phones
  • digital cameras
  • solar power chargers
  • MP6
    (internet music platform)
  • educational products
ServicesDigital music
Subsidiariesover 20
Simplified Chinese爱国者
Traditional Chinese愛國者
Literal meaningPatriot


Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd (北京华旗资讯科技发展有限公司) is a consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Beijing.[3] It was founded by Féng Jūn, its current president,[citation needed] in 1993 and initially produced keyboards.[1] aigo may be participating in a trend that sees Chinese nationals preferring to purchase locally produced durable goods, which have increased in quality as of late.[4]


aigo's products include MIDs, digital media players, computer cases, digital cameras, cpu cooling, fans,[3] and computer peripherals.[5]


aigo has 27 subsidiaries[6] and several R&D facilities.[5] An incomplete list of aigo's subsidiaries can be found here.

aigo MusicEdit

Established in 1993 and located in Beijing,[7] aigo Music operates a digital music service much like iTunes.[8] The first of its kind in China, it is, as of 2009, the biggest portal for legal downloading of music in the country.[8] Strategic partnerships with Warner Music,[9] EMI and Sony[10] allow a wide range of music to be offered at 0.99 yuan per song.[9][10]

Beijing aifly Education and Technology Co LtdEdit

aigo set up this English as a second language brand with help from Crazy English founder Li Yang.[1][11]

Beijing aigo Digital Animation InstitutionEdit

An aigo subsidiary that specializes in 3D animated films.[12]

Huaqi Information Technology (Singapore) Pte LtdEdit

Set up in October 2003,[13] it operates two official aigo outlet stores in Singapore.[14][15]

Shenzhen aigo R&D Co LtdEdit

Established in 2006, this Shenzhen-based research and development facility focuses on the development of mobile multimedia software.[16]


Fernando Alonso's Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One car sponsored by Aigo

aigo is a sponsor of a number of sporting events, the majority involving automobile racing.


aigo was an official partner of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One team.[17]

As of 2008, aigo sponsors Chinese driver "Frankie" Cheng Congfu, in A1GP racing.[1][18]

aigo was an official partner of the 2007 race of champions, a racing competition that uses a variety of different vehicles.[19]

Aigo was one of the sponsors of Dan Wheldon's 2011 Indianapolis 500 victory.


aigo, as of 2009, has a global strategic cooperation effort with Manchester United.[20]


  1. ^ aigo should not be capitalized, much like "iPod".


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