Agim Morina is a Kosovar Albanian linguist, artist, and poet. He is known for his criticism of the official Albanian orthography, support of a spelling reform, and studies of verb and noun classes.[1]

Morina views the standard Albanian language as a political project that marginalized the Gheg dialect and its speakers. He is also critical of language planners for inconsistent rules and for failing to logically resolve whether and where to omit the reduced vowel 'ë'. Wary of radical changes in orthography, Morina urges the free development of written Albanian and believes that Albanian speakers rather than linguists are in a better position to dictate the course of the language. He believes that a reformed orthography will eventually emerge and that many Gheg features that were previously alienated will become part of an enriched standard tongue.[2]

Personally, Morina has written in all three literary traditions of the Albanian language—Gheg, Tosk, and Arbëreshë.


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