Afroditi Laoutari

Afroditi Laoutari (Greek: Αφροδίτη Λαουτάρη, 1893–1975)[1] was a famous Greek singer and actor in musical theatre.[2]

Afroditi Laoutari
Αφροδίτη Λαουτάρη
Athens, Greece
Occupationsinger, actress

She was born in Patras in 1893. At an early age, she became involved with the musical theatre of Ioannis Papaioannou (singer) [el], a leading operatic producer, where it didn't take long for her voice and stage talents to be appreciated, though she was self-taught. By 1915, she was already performing lead roles with the company. From that date through the 1920s, she performed roles in many works of musical theatre, both foreign and especially, Greek operettas. She was a muse to composer and conductor Theophrastos Sakellaridis.[3] By the early 1930s, she had retired from the theatre. She then became one of, if not the, first Greek radio announcers on Athens Radio Station (RCA) in 1938, where she was a dominating force.[4] She continued to broadcast after the end of World War II for another decade. Sofia Vembo has been said to resemble Afroditi Laoutari at the height of her fame. She died in 1975.

Stage performancesEdit

Year Title of work (English) Title of work (Greek) Composer Lyricist Theatre Best-known songs
1918 The Godson or
The Baptismal
Ο Βαφτιστικός Theophrastos Sakellaridis Papaioannou Theatre
1921 Sweet Nana Γλυκειά Νανά Th. Sakellaridis Th. Sakellaridis Sweet Nana; Nana - George [5]
1922 Piff-Paff Πιφ-Παφ Th. Sakellaridis Th. Sakellaridis Pan-Hellenic Theatre I'm happy; That was all[5]
1922 For her husband's sake Γιά ν'αρέση στον άντρα της Th. Sakellaridis Charalambos Anninos [el]
Nikos Laskaris
Pan-Hellenic Theatre Marquis & Duke; You, the married people; Edith - Kings [5]
1923 Diabolical child Διαβολόπαιδο Th. Sakellaridis Aurelia; I want it first [5]
1923 Miss Sorolop Δεσποινίς Σορολόπ Th. Sakellaridis Alhambra Theatre
1930 Jim ... my dear Τζίμ... Χρυσό μου Athenian Theatre
1931 Karambola 1931 Καραμπόλα του 1931 Panos Glykofrydis [el] Kostas Kioussis Eden Theatre Venetian Tango [5]


  • Shattered Dreams (Γκρεμισμένα όνειρα) (1949)[6]


Laoutari has been portrayed on stage in the operetta Remember Those Years (Θυμήσου εκείνα τα χρόνια) (2008), composed by musicologist Lambros Liavas as a tribute to Theophrastos Sakellaridis.[3]


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