Adullam Grove Nature Reserve (Hebrew: שמורת טבע חורש עדולם‎) is a nature reserve in central Israel, south of Beit Shemesh, managed by the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority.

Adullam Grove Nature Reserve
שמורת טבע חורש עדולם
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LocationCentral Israel
Nearest cityBeit Shemesh
Coordinates31°39′08″N 34°57′22″E / 31.6522848°N 34.95609°E / 31.6522848; 34.95609Coordinates: 31°39′08″N 34°57′22″E / 31.6522848°N 34.95609°E / 31.6522848; 34.95609
Area6,532 dunams (6.532 km2; 2.522 sq mi)


Nature reserveEdit

Ruins of Byzantine church, Khirbet Midras, 2010

The reserve was established in 1994, covering 5,380 dunams (5.38 km2; 2.08 sq mi) and was extended to include another 1,152 dunams (1.152 km2; 0.445 sq mi) in 2004.[1] The reserve was declared in order to protect Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub that grow naturally in the area.

Colombarium at Hurvat Midras


Horvat Midras (Hebrew) or Khirbet Midras (Arabic), sometimes spelled Madras, dated to the 10th century BCE until approximately the 4th century CE, is located within the boundaries of the reserve.[2] Burial caves, hiding tunnels and caves used during the Bar Kokhba revolt in 132-135 CE, a columbarium, and a burial pyramid were discovered at the site. [3]

Flora and faunaEdit

Flora include Buckthorn trees (Rhamnus palaestinus), Oak trees, Greek Strawberry trees, Pistacia lentiscus trees, and various types of Cistus and Hyssop.[4]

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General landscape of the Adullam-France Park in Israel
The entrance to a dovecote (columbarium) in the Midras Ruin


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