Adrien Loir (December 15, 1862 – 1941) was a French bacteriologist born in Lyon. He was a nephew of Louis Pasteur, and for much of his career was associated with the Pasteur Institute.

Adrien Loir
Adrien Loir (1862–1941), bacteriologist.jpeg
Adrien Loir
BornDecember 15, 1862
Scientific career
InstitutionsPasteur Institute
InfluencesLouis Pasteur

From 1882 to 1888 Loir was an assistant in Pasteur's laboratory in Paris, where he performed research of swine fever. In 1886, he installed the first anti-rabies clinic in Saint Petersburg. Between 1888 and 1893 he made two journeys to Australia to conduct research of anthrax and pleropneumonia. While there, he investigated the use of chicken cholera bacillus in an attempt to eradicate the country's rabbit infestation.

In 1893 he founded the Pasteur Institute of Tunisia, and for several years was a professor of hygiene and bacteriology at the colonial school in Tunis. In 1906 he traveled to Canada, where he demonstrated that the equine disease, dourine is caused by the parasite trypanosoma equiperdum.

Written worksEdit

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