Abdolreza Kahani(Persian: عبدالرضا کاهانی‎; born 22 December 1973) is an Iranian filmmaker.

Abdolreza Kahani
Abdolreza Kahani.jpg
Born (1973-12-22) December 22, 1973 (age 45)[1]
Other namesReza
Alma materUniversity of Tehran (M.A.)
University of Arak (B.A.)
OccupationDirector & Screenwriter
Years active1988–present
Spouse(s)Shima Monfared

He made his first short film, The Smile in 1988 and then he got his B.A. degree in Acting at Tehran Azad University and his M.A. degree in Directing at Tehran University.[citation needed] He made his first feature film, Dance with the Moon in 2003. In 2009, Kahani's film Twenty won the Special Jury Prize and the Prize of Ecumenical Jury at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The film observes a small band of employees trying to save a depressed Iranian banquet hall which the owner has decided to close in 20 days.[2]


Filmography as directorEdit

Year English title Original title Transliteration Award
2019 Free like air[3] آزاد مثل هوا Azad mesle Hava
2018 We Like You Mrs Yaya ما شما را دوست داریم خانم یایا Ma shoma ra doust darim khanom yaya
2016 Delighted ارادتمند؛ نازنین، بهاره، تینا Eradatmand; Nazanin, Bahareh, Tina
2015 Absolute Rest استراحت مطلق Esterahate Motlagh
2014 We Have Time On a le temps Vaght Darim Hala Independent Camera Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014
2012 By No Reason بی خود و بی جهت Bikhod & Bi Jahat Best Film of the Year Look Critics and Writers Film Magazine 2012
2011 Absolutely Tame Is a Horse اسب حیوان نجیبی است Asb Heyvane Najibi Ast Special Jury Award Celebration of Iranian Cinema Critics 2011
2010 Nothing هیچ Hich Audience Award Yerevan International Film Festival 2010
2009 Twenty بیست Bist Special Prize of the Jury Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009
Honorary Diploma Best Director Fajr International Film Festival 2009
Silver Award Damascus International Film Festival 2009
2008 Over There آن جا An Ja Golden Alexander Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2008
2007 Adam آدم Adam
2005 Crueltyville (Documentary) ظلم آباد Zolm Abad
2004 Dance with the Moon رقص با ماه Raghs Ba Mah
2003 Wind To Hands (Documentary) باد به دستان Baad Be Dastan
2002 Travellers Of Need (Documentary) مسافران نیاز Mosaferan Niaz

Awards and honorsEdit



  • Critics' choice for movie of the year by Film Magazine in 2012 for By No Reason.
  • Praised by Parliament for Willowdale for "promoting the arts and culture throughout the world".[4]

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