"A New Machine", parts 1 and 2 are songs from Pink Floyd's 1987 album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason.[1][2]

"A New Machine"
Song by Pink Floyd
from the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason
PublishedPink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd
Released7 September 1987 (UK)
8 September 1987 (US)
RecordedNovember 1986 – August 1987
GenreProgressive rock
Length2:24 together
1:46 Part 1
0:38 Part 2
LabelEMI (UK)
Columbia (US)
Songwriter(s)David Gilmour

Lyrics and musicEdit

They serve as bookends to the instrumental track "Terminal Frost", and feature David Gilmour's voice, electrically distorted, through a vocoder and a rising synth note. The narrator seems to express weariness with a lifetime spent in one body, waiting for the moment of death, but seeks consolation in the fact that this "waiting" will eventually end.

A New Machine has a sound I've never heard anyone do. The noise gates, the Vocoders, opened up something new which to me seemed like a wonderful sound effect that no one had done before; it's innovation of a sort.

The two songs were the first Pink Floyd songs to be credited solely to David Gilmour since "Childhood's End", from their 1972 album Obscured by Clouds.


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