A Heartbeat Away

A Heartbeat Away is a 2011 Australian musical comedy film about a marching band in a small town.

A Heartbeat Away
Directed byGale Edwards
Produced byChris Fitchett
Written byJulie Kincaide
StarringWilliam Zappa
Isabel Lucas
Sebastian Gregory
Tammy McIntosh
Mark Furze
Music byGuy Gross
Edited byMatt Villa
Pictures in Paradise
Distributed byHoyts
Release date
Budget$7 million[1][2]
Box office$118,658[2]


A young man with high aspirations as a musician steps up to become the musical director of the local marching band after his father is hurt in a vehicle accident. He has four weeks to drill the band before a major competition.



Filming started in March 2010. The film was financed by Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, Cutting Edge Pty Ltd and Quickfire Films (UK).[1]


The film was a box office disappointment, widely considered a commercial and critical flop. During its opening weekend it took $44,204 across 77 screens, giving it a screen average of just $574.[3][4]


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