Renin receptor

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The renin receptor also known as ATPase H(+)-transporting lysosomal accessory protein 2, or the prorenin receptor, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ATP6AP2 gene.[5][6][7]

Available structures
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AliasesATP6AP2, APT6M8-9, ATP6IP2, ATP6M8-9, ELDF10, M8-9, MRXE, MRXSH, MSTP009, PRR, RENR, XMRE, XPDS, HT028, ATPase H+ transporting accessory protein 2
External IDsOMIM: 300556 MGI: 1917745 HomoloGene: 38097 GeneCards: ATP6AP2
Gene location (Human)
X chromosome (human)
Chr.X chromosome (human)[1]
X chromosome (human)
Genomic location for ATP6AP2
Genomic location for ATP6AP2
BandXp11.4Start40,579,372 bp[1]
End40,606,848 bp[1]
RNA expression pattern
PBB GE ATP6AP2 201444 s at fs.png

PBB GE ATP6AP2 201443 s at fs.png
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Location (UCSC)Chr X: 40.58 – 40.61 MbChr X: 12.59 – 12.62 Mb
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The renin receptor binds renin and prorenin. Binding of renin to this receptor induces the conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin I.[8]

This protein is associated with adenosine triphosphatases (ATPases). Proton-translocating ATPases have fundamental roles in energy conservation, secondary active transport, acidification of intracellular compartments, and cellular pH homeostasis. There are three classes of ATPases- F, P, and V. The vacuolar (V-type) ATPases have a transmembrane proton-conducting sector and an extramembrane catalytic sector. This protein has been found associated with the transmembrane sector of the V-type ATPases.[7]


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