ARM System-on-Chip Architecture

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ARM System-on-Chip Architecture is a book detailing the system-on-chip ARM architecture, as a specific implementation of reduced instruction set computing.[1] It was written by Steve Furber, who co-designed the ARM processor with Sophie Wilson.[2]

ARM System-on-Chip Architecture
ARM system-on-chip architecture 2nd ed cover.jpg
2nd edition cover
AuthorSteve Furber
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
2000 (2nd ed.)
Media typePrint

The book's content covers the architecture, assembly language programming, support mechanisms for high-level programming languages, the instruction set and the building of operating systems. The Thumb instruction set is also covered in detail.[3]

It has been cited in numerous academic papers,[4] and has been recommended to those working in the development of embedded systems.[5]


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