Aïn Chock (Arabic: عين الشق‎) is a district, arrondissement and southern suburb of Casablanca, in the Casablanca-Settat region of Morocco, on the road to El Jadida. It is known for hosting the faculties of the Hassan II University. The district covers an area of 28.89 square kilometres (14.5 square miles), and as of 2004 had 253,496 inhabitants.[1] The district contains one arrondissement, also named Aïn Chock.

Aïn Chock

عين الشق
District and arrondissement of Casablanca
Aïn Chock is located in Greater Casablanca
Aïn Chock
Aïn Chock
Location in Greater Casablanca
Coordinates: 33°32′26″N 7°35′15″W / 33.54056°N 7.58750°W / 33.54056; -7.58750Coordinates: 33°32′26″N 7°35′15″W / 33.54056°N 7.58750°W / 33.54056; -7.58750
Country Morocco
 • Total28.89 km2 (11.15 sq mi)
 • Total253,496
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (WEST)


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