The Italian Sixth Army was an Italian Army which was formed in World War I and World War II.

World War IEdit

The Sixth Army was first formed on 1 December 1916 under command of Ettore Mambretti,[1] and fought the Battle of Mount Ortigara in June 1917. After the failure of this attack, Ettore Mambretti was dismissed and the Sixth Army was disbanded on 20 July 1917.[2]

After the disastrous defeat at Caporetto (November 1917) the Italian Army was completely reorganized by Armando Diaz and a new 6th Italian Army was formed under command of Luca Montuori. It participated in the successful Battle of the Piave River (June 1918) and Battle of Vittorio Veneto (October–November 1918).

World War IIEdit

The Sixth Army was known in World War II as the Army of the Po, and was charged with the defence of Sicily against the Allies in July–August 1943.