5by5 is an American Internet broadcasting network created by Dan Benjamin[1][2][3] that creates, distributes, and broadcasts web video interviews and podcasts.[4] 5by5 launched in January 2010[5] and has been called "NPR for geeks",[6] as the broadcasts discuss technology and internet culture and are targeted towards developers, designers and technology enthusiasts.

IndustryPodcast and videocast
GenreTechnology, podcasting
Founded2009 (2009)
FounderDan Benjamin
United States
OwnerDan Benjamin
Number of employees


Previous 5by5 logo.

Benjamin records at his recording studio in Austin. All shows on the network are currently audio-only, apart from The Dan Benjamin Hour that is live streamed as video and audio. It is also possible to listen to the live stream through two iOS apps that 5by5 has produced: 5by5 Radio Jr., and 5by5 Radio.


5by5's The Big Web Show, co-hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, won three .net Magazine awards in November 2010.[7]


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