3C 9 is a lobe-dominated quasar[1][3] located in the constellation Pisces.

3C 9
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 00h 20m 25.22s
Declination+15° 40′ 54.7″
240477 km/s[1]
Distance10 billion light-years
(Light travel time)[2]
~17 billion light-years
(present comoving distance)[2]
TypeFR II RG[2]
Apparent magnitude (V)18.21[1]
Other designations
2C 26, LEDA 2817473[1]
See also: Quasar, List of quasars

In 1965, it was the most distant object discovered at the time of discovery. This was the first object with a redshift in excess of 2.[4]


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