2010 Florida's 12th congressional district election

Florida's 12th District consists of the majority of Polk County, Florida and parts of Hillsborough and Osceola Counties. It is currently represented by five-term congressman Adam Putnam. In February 2009, Putnam decided to run for the Commissioner of Agriculture, and finish his term in Congress.

Florida's 12th congressional district
Fl12 109.gif
  Dennis A. Ross
  • 84.25% urban
  • 15.75% rural
Population (2000)639,296
Median income37,396
Cook PVIR+6

In the 2010 primary election, the Republican Party nominated the former Member of the Florida House of Representatives Dennis A. Ross and the Democratic Party nominated the Polk County Supervisor of elections Lori Edwards. Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson will also[when?] join in the election as the nominee from the Tea Party.

Primary resultsEdit

Republican primaryEdit

Republican Primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dennis A. Ross 33,070 69.0
Republican John W. Lindsey Jr. 14,871 31.0
Total votes 47,941 100

Democratic primaryEdit

Democratic Primary results
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Lori Edwards 24,727 75.2
Democratic Doug Tudor 8,158 24.8
Total votes 32,885 100

Source: Politico.com[1]

General electionEdit

General Election results
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dennis A. Ross 101,245 48.1
Democratic Lori Edwards 86,515 41.1
Republican Randy Wilkinson 22,668 10.8
Total votes 210,428 100



Candidate (Party) Receipts Disbursements Cash On Hand Debt
Dennis Ross (R) $1,063,314 $853,161 $210,153 $0
Lori Edwards (D) $550,383 $359,581 $190,802 $0
Randy Wilkinson (R) $46,067 $46,859 $2,351 $0
Source: Federal Election Commission[2]


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