15th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 15th Army (German: 15. Armee) was a German World War II field army.

15th Army
15. Armee (AOK 15)
Active15 January 1941 - 17 April 1945
Disbanded17 April 1945
Country Nazi Germany


The 15th Army was activated in France on 15 January 1941, with General Curt Haase in command. It was tasked with occupation and defensive duties in the Pas de Calais area.

The Allies landed further west, in Operation Overlord, during June 1944. Afterwards, the 15th Army was withdrawn to the Netherlands, where it fought the Allies during Operation Market Garden, in September 1944.

It suffered defeat against the First Canadian Army in the Battle of the Scheldt during which the Army Headquarters at Dordrecht was subject to a mass attack by Hawker Typhoons of the Second Tactical Air Force on 24 October 1944. Two generals and 70 other staff officers were killed in the attack.[1]

During October 1944 the 15th Army continued to resist against the Canadian First Army and British Second Army as they pushed west from the Nijmegen/Eindhoven salient in Operation Pheasant

The British Second Army cleared the 15th Army from the Roer Triangle during Operation Blackcock, pushing it back over the Rur and Wurm rivers. It was involved in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest before finally surrendering along the Ruhr river in 1945.

Today, the former HQ of the 15th Army, in Tourcoing, which is just north of Lille in France, is a museum: Musée du 5 juin 1944 [fr].

Sept. 1944 Order of BattleEdit


No. Commander Took office Left office
1Haase, CurtGeneraloberst
Curt Haase
15 January 194130 November 1942
2Vietinghoff, HeinrichGeneraloberst
Heinrich von Vietinghoff
1 December 19427 August 1943
3Salmuth, HansGeneraloberst
Hans von Salmuth
8 August 194324 August 1944
4Zangen, GustavGeneral der Infanterie
Gustav-Adolf von Zangen
25 August 194417 April 1945


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