112 Ukraine (Ukrainian: 112 Україна) is private Ukrainian TV channel, which provides 24-hour news coverage. 112 Ukraine is available on satellites AMOS 2/3, via DVB-T2 network and in packages of all major Ukrainian cable operators. 112 Ukraine is focused on live broadcast. Since December 2018 the channel is owned by member of parliament of the Opposition Bloc[2] Taras Kozak.[1][3]

112 Ukraine
Logo 112 Ukraine.svg
Launched28 November 2013; 5 years ago (2013-11-28)
Owned byTaras Kozak[1]
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
(downscaled to letterboxed 576i for SDTV)
SloganKnow more! (Ukrainian: Знай більше)
LanguageUkrainian, Russian
Broadcast areaUkraine
Astra 4A12341 H / 30000 / 5/6 (HD / FTA)
Amos-311140 H / 30000 / 3/4 (SD / FTA)
Amos-311140 H / 30000 / 3/4 (HD / FTA)
Streaming media
WebWatch live

History of the channelEdit

This news channel was launched within 4 months, starting from concept development, equipment supply and office space design up to programming and business optimization solutions. On 26 November 2013, the presentation of 112 Ukraine took place, and on 28 November 2013, the new TV channel appeared on Ukrainian screens.[4] In August 2014, 112 Ukraine had established its own correspondence bureau in Brussels, Belgium.[5] Within the period of its broadcast, 112 Ukraine has organized live linkups with Crimea, Moscow, Vilnius, Lviv and Malaysia. The same way, the 20-hour TV marathon was held while elections to Verkhovna Rada had place.

More than one thousand people were guests of 112 Ukraine TV channel and among them were politicians, experts, public figures and cultural luminaries. In 2015 112 Ukraine was ranked as a leader among Ukrainian informational television channels, having outranked such TV channels as Channel 5 and “24”.[6] As to the results of Industrial Television Committee of Ukraine, 112 Ukraine was ranked at the 9th place among Ukrainian TV channels (18+, cities 50+).

In December 2018 member of parliament for Opposition Bloc Taras Kozak acquired the channel and all six TV channels in the "112 Ukraine" group.[1]

Structure and coverageEdit

112 Ukraine covers 75% of the territory of Ukraine. The channel is available in the packages of the largest Ukrainian cable operators, and is also broadcast via DVB-T2 network and AMOS 2/3 satellites. 112 Ukraine owns one satellite license and five regional digital licenses, which are united by the joint venture agreement. The satellite license for 112 Ukraine was issued on 22 August 2013. The companies with digital licenses were merged with companies of 112 Ukraine on 16 August 2014. [7]

Pressure of National Broadcasting Council on 112 UkraineEdit

Since July 2014 112 Ukraine is under constant pressure of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting (hereinafter - the National Council). National Council is broadcasting regulatory body. It consists of 8 people, 4 members are appointed by the President of Ukraine, other 4 by the Ukrainian parliament. The current structure of the National Council includes entirely pro-presidential representatives.

During the first informal meeting with 112 Ukraine representatives Head and Deputies of National Council claimed that “112 Ukraine” owner Andrey Podschypkov is a nominal owner, despite the documentary proofs. National Council representatives stated that the real owner is one of the former Ministers of the Viktor Yanukovych cabinet, and refused to renew the programming concept of five regional companies of 112 Ukraine.

In violation of Ukrainian laws, National Council issued warnings to 112 Ukraine. Based on these warnings National Council may sue 112 Ukraine for revocation of broadcasting licenses. The channel thinks that decisions, activities and constant pressure on 112 Ukraine by the National Council aimed to force the owner, Andrey Podschypkov, to undersell the company to the loyal businessmen. 112 Ukraine collected evidence that confirms malpractice and selectivity of the National Council. 112 Ukraine also recorded facts of interference to the editorial policy by the Presidential Administration.

Also in 2015 "112 Ukraine" TV Channel has received notice from the National Council for the remarks claimed by Russian pro-Kremlin journalist, that was interviewed in the studio via Skype during "Shuster LIVE" talk-show.[8]

President of EFJ stated that the threat of closure targeting 112 Ukraine seems clearly disproportionate.[9] International Press Institute wrote a letter, where expressed concern about pressure on 112 Ukraine.[10]


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