Śląskie Kamienie

Śląskie Kamienie or Dívčí kameny ("Silesian Rocks" or "Maiden Rocks"; German: Mädelsteine), 1,413 metres (4,636 ft) and Czeskie Kamienie or Mužské kameny ("Bohemian Rocks" or "Man Rocks" in Polish and Czech respectively), 1,416 metres (4,646 ft) is a twin peak and a rock formation situated in the western part of Karkonosze on Polish and Czech border within the Karkonosze National Park on the Polish–Czech Friendship Trail. The rocks are up to 8 m high.[1]

Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Mužské kameny - Czeskie Kamienie
Śląskie Kamienie - Dívči Kameny.JPG
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Highest point
Elevation1,413 m (4,636 ft)
Coordinates50°46′35″N 15°36′08″E / 50.77639°N 15.60222°E / 50.77639; 15.60222Coordinates: 50°46′35″N 15°36′08″E / 50.77639°N 15.60222°E / 50.77639; 15.60222
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie is located in Czech Republic
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Dívčí kameny - Śląskie Kamienie
Location in Czech Republic, on the border with Poland
LocationCzech Republic / Poland
Parent rangeGiant Mountains
Easiest routepublic path marked red from Okraj


The twin peak is located in the main ridge, between Śmielec and the Przełęcz Karkonoska. The border straddles the peak. A stone monument reminds the tragedy of the Czech journalist Rudolf Kalman, who died here during a snow storm on 14 January 1929.[2]


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