École de Gaulle-Adenauer (German: Schule de Gaulle-Adenauer) or École française de Gaulle-Adenauer (EFDGA), formerly the Lycée Français de Gaulle-Adenauer, is a French international school in Mehlem [de], Bonn, Germany.[1] As of 2015 it has 176 students, including 75 école maternelle (preschool) students and 101 primary students.[2]

École de Gaulle-Adenauer
Meckenheimer Straße 45.JPG
School building
Mehlem, Bonn

TypeFrench international school



It was established in 1950, with collège lower secondary classes beginning in 1961 and Baccalauréat classes established as of 1984. The AEFE began contracting with the school in 1990.[2] That year the school received the name "Lycée de Gaulle-Adenauer," after Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer.[3]

Secondary classes were terminated after the French embassy moved from its Bonn facility [de] to Berlin in 1999.[2]

In 2008 the school moved to a temporary site at Domhofstraße during a renovation and expansion of its buildings. It moved back to its current location on Meckenheimer Straße in 2010.[3]

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Coordinates: 50°39′31″N 7°11′20″E / 50.6587°N 7.1890°E / 50.6587; 7.1890