Áed Ua Conchobair or Áed in Gai Bernaig was King of Connacht, and reigned 1046–1067.

King Art of Connacht was killed by the Cinel-Conaill in 1046, "the second year after his having plundered Cluain-mic-Nois."

M1061.12 - The Muintir-Murchadha invaded Loch Oirbsean, and deposed Aedh Ua Conchobhair. The victory of Gleann-Phadraig was gained by Aedh Ua Conchobhair over the people of West Connacht, where many were slain, together with Ruaidhrí. Ó Flaithbheartaigh, lord of West Connacht, was beheaded, and his head was carried to Cruachain in Connacht, after the son of Aedh, son of Ruaidhri, had been defeated.

M1062.5 - Tadhg, son of Aedh Ua Conchobhair, was slain by the son of Aedh, son of Ruaidhrí, and the people of West Connacht.

Family tree IEdit

    Cathal mac Conchobar mac Taidg, d. 1010.
    |                   |                            |          |             |                       |
    |                   |                            |          |             |                       |
    Dub Chablaigh       Tadg in Eich Gil, d. 1030.   Brian,     Conchobor,    In Cléirech, fl. 1044.  Tadhg Díreach
   =Brian Boru         =?                           d. 1029      fl. 1029.    |                       |
    |                   |                                                     |_________              |
    |                   |                                                     |        |              An Gilla Lónach
    Domnall?            Áed in Gai Bernaig,                                   |        |
    |                     King of Connacht,                                   Tadg,    Conchobar,
    |                        died 1067.                                       d.1056.    d. 1069.
    d. 1051.


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Preceded by
Art Uallach Ua Ruairc
Kings of Connacht
Succeeded by
Áed Ua Ruairc